General Terms and conditions (GTC)

Effective 01.02.2017

MOTS = “maintainer of the shop”!
GTC = “General Terms and conditions”!

These General Terms and Conditions of MOTS shall apply to any and all products and services supplied and provided by MOTS to a buyer. Any proposal or offer made by MOTS for the goods as well as any and all contracts entered into by MOTS with a buyer shall be exclusively governed by these General Terms and Conditions, unless agreed otherwise between MOTS and the buyer in writing. By sending an order you automatically accept our GTC.

I. Offers on

Any and all proposals and offers made by MOTS shall be non-binding, even if not explicitly so mentioned in the proposal or offer. The buyer’s written acceptance (hereinafter „Order“) of MOTS’s proposal or non-binding offer shall be deemed the buyer’s unconditional and irrevocable offer for the purchase of the goods and consent to these GTCs and waiver of the buyer’s own terms and conditions of purchase. Any GTCs set forth in an order, which conflict with these GTCs, shall be null and void. 2ndh2o – GTCs shall apply exclusively. The buyer’s order is subject to acceptance or non-acceptance on the part of MOTS. No order may be cancelled or modified after MOTS has received it. Contract shall be deemed concluded if and insofar as MOTS has accepted in writing the buyer’s order or actually effects delivery (“confirmation”).

On this platform everyone has the possibility to buy and sell used and new unneeded water ski articles. It is, however, reserved to the operator not to take over certain articles into the shop after own discretion. Following demands are required to put up an item for sale: Picture or pictures of the article, short description about the state/condition, age, as well as the price. The article should be shipped by the vendor as soon as possible and the maintainer of the shop has to be informed immediately via email!

II. Purchase price

Unless otherwise stated in the offers, proposals or a confirmation, all prices are quoted in Euro currency, including value-added tax. All prices shall be based on the costs applicable at the time of their notification. MOTS shall be entitled to adjust prices if the costs have changed up to the time of delivery due to circumstances not attributable to MOTS.

The purchase price is determined by the vendor including a handling-charge (10 % of commission of the sale price!) The shipping charges must be borne by the customer!

III. Ordering procedure

After selecting the wanted articles, these are displayed in the shopping cart. The selection can be changed or restarted at any time. After accepting the GTCs and a repeated confirmation, the order will be sent directly to the maintainer of the shop and will be confirmed with an automatically sent E-Mail.

IV. Terms of payment

Unless agreed otherwise in writing, the price for the goods and any other costs invoiced shall be paid by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal or cash on pick-up. No form of payment shall result in a discount or reduction of the price invoiced by “”. Trade procedure of sold articles will be exclusively handled by the MOTS!

V. Liability & assurance

The operator of this platform does not take over any liability or assurance on goods purchased!

Furthermore, there is no responsibility for the content and the correctness of the article description. If the product does not correspond to the article description, the customer has the possibility to return within 10 days. In case of significant deviation and wrong information in the article description, the maintainer of the shop reserves the right to claim the 10% handling-charge of the retail price!

VI. Delivery, dispatch

Delivery and dispatch shall always be at the expense and risk of the buyer to the place of delivery. As soon as the payment has been received, the vendor is obliged to send the goods.

VII. Billing

The billing between maintainer of the shop and vendor takes place after confirmed dispatch of the acquired product. Should the product not correspond with the presentation, – due to a wrong article description – the paid amount will be re-transferred immediately to the customer!

VIII. Data protection

All dates, necessary for the business handling, are stored in our EDV and shall not be passed on to third party. In case one or more clauses of the GTCs are void, the other clauses shall not be affected.